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Due to a recent family emergency we hope a move back to San Diego as soon as possible. My uncle passed away about a week ago, and now my Grandma (85 years) is living alone. My uncle was her primary care giver before he passed. The rest of my family is concerned about her mental and physical health, but we want her to be able to continue living in her home. My wife and I are the only family members in a position to move in with her, and we have decided we want to help. It would be ideal if we could move out by the end of February, but if that is a problem we can finish our lease through March. Please let us know if it will be alright if we make February our last month here. You can call or text us at (please leave a message if we do not answer), or email us at

Thank you for everything. We have really enjoyed living here.

Hello Pearl and Maritza,
  This is Mr. Nick. It turns out we will be moving back to San Diego at the end of February and I am interested if you have any job openings. My wife, Valerie, is about 19 weeks pregnant and we both want to be closer to our parents, and our parents want to be closer to their grand-baby. Also my Uncle recently passed away and now my Grandma is living on her own, so we are going to move in with her to help her out around the house. Valerie's Grandparents have made a complete recovery and are doing wonderfully. We are very grateful to have been able to spend so much quality time and help them in the healing process, but it looks like our work here is done and we are needed elsewhere. Let me know if you have any positions available. If not, I will start sending out my resume to other schools in the area, but I thought I would ask you first. I really enjoyed working for Mission Nazarene and would love to come back. 

   Although you know I would be perfectly happy wherever you put me, I do have all my infant/toddler classes and would be interested in working with the younger children. Also, I always enjoyed floating because it gave me an opportunity to interact with all the children, and I got along well with all the teachers and I think I was pretty good at helping out in all the classrooms. But, like I said, I will be happy anywhere. Please let me know as soon as possible.
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